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Nature as far as the eye can see

The endless expanse of the Pannonian plain stretches out in all directions around Andau. The favourable climate means that visitors to Andau can not only enjoy the most sunshine hours in Austria (around 2 000 a year), but also a fantastic mixture of untouched nature and well-tended farmland.

The many days of sunshine guarantee that the locally-made wines are of excellent quality, and regularly receive top national and international awards. The sunny weather also ensures that local farmers are able to harvest fresh vegetables longer than is possible in other areas.

Road to Freedom and the Bridge at Andau

Along the way to the nature protection area of Waasen-Hanság and in the direction of the Austrian-Hungarian border, lies a sculpture park. This road, on the way to the Bridge of Andau, provided an escape route for thousands of people on their way to a new life during the Hungarian Revolution. Between 1992 and 1996, international artists erected a 10km outdoor sculpture gallery here, which to this day still amazes visitors.

The Bridge at Andau, world-famous not only for its role in history, but also through the book of the same name by the American writer James A Michener, was rebuilt in 2006 and is a year-round attraction.

Nature protection area – the great bustard

The beautiful but shy great bustard is one of the largest flying birds in the world. This endangered bird can be seen in the 142 ha conservation zone of the Lake Neusiedl-Seewinkel National Park, which stretches around Andau. The unique courtship displays of the male birds in spring are a must – not only for ornithologists – and are best seen from the observation tower.

Sport in and around Andau

The landscape around Andau is a paradise for cycling, horse-riding, hiking, running and in-line skating. The network of walking and cycling paths and bridleways, which is also perfect for skating, covers more than 200km, is perfectly flat and designed for experts as well amateurs.

A trip to the neighbouring village of Jánossomorja in Hungary or a ride along the former Road to Freedom and the Bridge at Andau are great cultural and sporting experiences.